Thursday, October 1, 2009

Loaded Question #2

If you have already figured out your proposed path (because you must know that God has His plans for you), then answering loaded question #1 was no big deal. Some of us are still struggling to know what we are supposed to be doing. And that brings me to #2:

What is your passion?

Each of us are created uniquely to fulfill a purpose. We know we are in the right groove when we are following our God-given passion. Believe me, He can use anything. My favorite things to do are decorating and number puzzles. I found a group at church that does "Divine Do-overs" for needy families. We have done homes and homeless shelters: painting, furniture, organizing, crafting, all on a very tight budget at that. I mentioned to a friend at one of the jobs that I love budgeting (weird, I know) and numbers. She remembered this and introduced me to another opportunity to serve struggling women who are studying for their GED. I have no doubt that I was where I was supposed to be in both those opportunities. So, yes, He can use anything.

How do you find your passion so that it can be used and you know you are in the right groove? What experiences have you had that seemed like you had a "tailwind", like it was something you couldn't have done on your own? What activities/projects/ideas/plans keep you awake at night in a good way, and you think of first thing in the morning? What have you done that others seem to support (people you trust for more than polite lip service)? I would suggest that if you still haven't found "it", then maybe you have been in your comfort zone too long. Maybe you need to try some new things that you have held back on but always dreamed of. Fear is not a God-given trait.

Consider this encouragement to embrace the person God created you to be and to get about His business.


Kelley B

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