Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is the new haven of creativity

We really should come up with a name for this magical place. I have taken over my daughter's old bedroom and transformed it into my own craft/sewing/magical room. I am trying not to feel too guilty over how much joy this brings me. She took with her every stick of furniture and all her memorabilia, leaving only scrippets on the floor and holes in the walls. So, here are a few photos. Keep in mind that I have tried every craft medium known to man and then some.
I love to use old tins, jars, and boxes to hold all the little paraphenalia that goes with crafting. I used half of an old table to create a sewing table. I cut out a hole and added support for the machine so that it is a smooth platform.
The other side of the room is complete with more storage and a wide open work table. (It certainly is not that clear at this moment!)

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  1. Um, HELLO! Why have you not actually mentioned this to me?!? You just sneakily drop a comment on my blog and its all "oh, hello, why yes, this is Kelley B...I happen to have a blog, but (sniff) that news was SO Monday."

    Yahoo! It is so cute! You are definitely going to be featured in a post very, very soon!

    Oh, and LOVE the craft room, btw!