Monday, September 21, 2009

Loaded Question #1

Everyone once in a while I see a chotchky with a saying that gives me pause. This happened recently in Target. The little ceramic plaque said:

What would you do if you thought you couldn't fail?

This has inspired much conversation. When you consider unlimited possiblities in different areas of your life, it will give you pause as well.

Who: only you can answer this for yourself; no one else will try.

What: only you can know the what; lose weight, train for a marathon, change careers, strengthen relationships, quit smoking...How will you recognize success?

When: how about now? Over the next year? The five year plan?

How: set baby steps, think positively, get support, learn a new skill...

Why: why not?

If you don't try, you may never know. Likely, you have as great a chance at success.

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