Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lighter, brighter decorating!

After all that cleaning and un-decorating the holiday stuff, I went for a lighter, brighter style. I had so much on top of my kitchen cabinets that it is a wonder they didn't fall off. I put away a lot of crocks and pitchers and baskets...all old and dusty and heavy looking. Of course it took quite a bit of cleaning...I prefer windex or all-purpose cleaner for that job. After I cleaned all that stuff, I covered the top of the cabinets with wax paper so that next time it will be just remove and replace.
I've grouped similar items...

I love old radios and paint-by-numbers...
Did I mention red is my favorite color? And playful toys, too.

This is a collection of carnival glass with just a few accessories to fill it out...

So, when you look at your stuff, maybe you don't even see it anymore. I took everything down and brought out other treasures and it all feels new. Move it around and enjoy your home.

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  1. The wax paper on the shelves is a wonderful idea! I love the tricycle and old bowling pins. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comments. Please post your grandmother wedding certificate project when completed.