Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Knotted Knickers

I had had my knickers in a tightening knot for days. It seemed like once the tasks and activities of the holidays were over, angst built up. After I apologized for some of the things I said, a precious friend suggested I cut myself some slack. It has been a challenging and emotional roller coaster for months. It was also suggested, very gently I might add, that D (diet) and E (exercise) might be helpful. You know it is bad when she had to resort to code.

So, I did what I needed to do to take care of myself. Why do women allow themselves to fall to the bottom of their own to-do lists? I got a much needed haircut, primped a little more, and smiled more. I cut back on all those bad-for-you carbs and chose leaner meats and more veggies. Sleep is good, too. And I am getting some exercise and fresh air. For fun, I took a walk in the park with my camera and caught a few good shots.
Isn't this the cutest nutkin you have ever seen? How could you not smile at him?
This little fellow was quite cheerful.
This heron had a friend who escaped before I could get a shot of their "discussion".

Cardinals are a favorite...did I mention I love red?
What I learned from this:
  • listen to your friends
  • know the warning signs that the "knot" is tightening
  • know what works for you to get out of the "knot"
  • In all things, give thanks.

Be real. Be blessed.

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  1. Cute squirrel picture! I really find that if I make a point of exercising (even when I don't feel like it which is 90% of the time) - I just have a better day all around. Even if I don't eat that well - exercise is really key for me.