Thursday, January 21, 2010

China Hutch given new life!

I love my china hutch. It was a gift from my husband for my first Mother's Day (almost 21 years ago). We even configured our floor plan to accommodate this piece when we were designing our home 11 years ago. My how time flies. It is a very simple, sturdy piece but I was a little bored with the darkness.
Here's my solution: I found some fabric that made me happy in the right colors and cut it to size for the openings. I used simple double stick tape to attach it. Honestly, I half expected it to be in the floor by morning...
To keep with the idea of lighter and brighter, I used a lot of white and a lot less than usual.
So here are the results...simpler, and lighter.

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  1. That looks so pretty! The pattern behind the dishes really makes the dishes pop!