Friday, November 20, 2009

Clutter-free, really!

Our bonus room was the site of so much activity: this is where we home schooled, all of my crafting happened, band practice, and wide open storage of whatever didn't have a home. After I relocated all the crafting stuff, it looked like a bomb went off.

My first step was to move all the "keepers" into the place they would live. I made the usual piles of store, trash, give away, and use now. I actually had a "free indoor yard sale" for a few select treasure hunter friends. It was wonderful that some of the good stuff went to friends. When all was said and done, I had only one car load, 5 boxes, to take to the Hope Center. I devoted a set number of hours a couple of days a week so that I wouldn't feel too overwhelmed.
We have a new family room area. I know what is there and it is clean and clutter-free.
Eventually, we will have a twin bed in that far corner, to be used as a sort of daybed. When we do have guests, it will be a calming space for them. Of course, with time and moolah, we want to paint and put in new flooring. For now, clean and open is good.

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