Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Architectural Interest

Newer homes often lack the character of yesteryear. "Back in the day" much thought was given to interesting molding, arches and panels. These days our home buying dollar doesn't allow a lot of room for fancy. I found this door at a house just before the bulldozer and brought it home, not sure what it's future held. Sometimes you just have to grab it when you see it. So, this lovely beaded board door rested in my basement for a few years. In a flurry of decorating inspiration, I mounted a corbel with a broken demilune tabletop on the door. After many yoga-like contortions (I was doing this alone), I got the door securely mounted on the wall with anchors. Then I hung the mirror on it...perfect to check your lipstick before you answer the door. I love to put a candle or flowers there on the shelf.
So, keep your eyes open for unusual but interesting treasures. They will eventually work their way into your space and add to the warmth of your home.

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  1. Here you go!! Love!