Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is in the air

One of my most favorite things to do for entertainment is to play with my pretty things.  These items are usually meaningful.  This old UT Vols radio was my dad's in college.  The carved bird was a gift I got for my husband when we were dating.  And the amber glass was purchased on a trip with my mom and it has acorns from lovely walks with my dogs.
 I love old landscape paint-by-numbers.  And these "treasures" just feel cozy to me.  
 This bell jar is placed on a solid walnut pedestal my husband turned for me.  I am going to have a lot of fun with the little vignettes to place under glass.  I made the pumpkin out of the sleeves of a sweater left from another project.  It won't spoil!
Last night we hosted a wienie roast for my mom's milestone birthday.  We had chili with all the fixin's too.  It is definitely that time of year.  We are starting to see some color change on the trees here in Middle Tn, too.  Ah, fall is in the air!

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  1. Isn't autumn beautiful...your treasures are cozy and quite warming also.
    Enjoy your week!