Saturday, September 11, 2010

YOUR style

Just have to share a couple of comments I heard this week on decorating:

"Do you think my ----- is dated?"

"I am not really comfortable because I am afraid I will mess up something."

"It feels like a magazine in your house."

"I love to look at all the interesting things around here."

Here's my decorating philosophy: If "it" (color, furniture, art, arrangement) brings beauty and function to your life, relax and enjoy it. If you are hanging onto "it" due to obligation or indecisiveness, get help to settle your space to more reflect yourself. The only time to really be concerned with what is "on trend" would be if you are trying to sell your home. That would be the time to back off on your own decorating personality to help the potential buyers see how they could live in the space. It is usually helpful to bring in a friend or professional to help you see your home's potential. You know what they say about another pair of eyes...

Have fun in YOUR home, in YOUR style.


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