Monday, July 12, 2010

Birthday Banner

Recently, I went to visit my daughter for a birthday celebration...on the road! I took a pretty cake plate and candles for the purchased treat and a fun birthday banner.
To start, I bought a regular "Happy Birthday" banner at Hobby Lobby and I took it apart. Needlenose pliers made it easy to pull apart the rivets. Then I used spray adhesive to apply the letters to pretty scrapbook papers (which coordinated with the cake stand and napkins).

After I cut them out, I used regular craft paint to edge the letters and minimize the tabs. I punched holes and used some ribbon on hand to restring the letters.
I am pretty happy with the result and I will definitely do this again, just to have on hand.
As simple as can be, but it was my "craft fix" for the day, and I think it made her smile.

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