Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paper beads, covered in prayer

A few weeks ago, a sweet sister in our Sunday School class was approaching a major surgery.  We ladies "circled the wagons", so to speak, and had a prayer time, with food, of course.  Another thing we did was write out our prayers on scrapbook paper which was later made into beads.  We felt like it was a tangible way to remind her of our prayers and support.
Here's how we did it: 
On the backside of any paper, write out the prayers and scriptural promises claimed for your intended recipient.  Be sure to photocopy the paper to send with the finished prayer bead jewelry. 

If you use a 12" square paper, you will have 24" of bead length.  Use a paper cutter to cut paper into about 1/2" to 3/4" long triangles.  I always just eyeball the size.  It is handmade, after all.

Use a toothpick and roll the triangle tightly.  Apply a small stream of white glue to the last 4 inches or so.  It will ooze out and you can spread it all over the bead, making it firmer and a little glossy. 
I added a variety of beads to make the finished extra long strand necklace.  It is also lovely just alternating with pearls.  This is a very old craft that appeals to all ages.  Our girl scouts did this back in the day and I have also seen necklaces made by ladies in Africa. 
I love the idea of being covered in prayer.  This is just one way to share our love and support.

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  1. What a wonderful treasure.
    I like the idea of being covered in prayer too.

    ...I'm sure your friend appreciated the gift. Pat