Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Standing out in a crowded airport, for sure

I have wanted to do this for so long and finally, I just did it!  If you have ever traveled by air, you know there are a gazillion black bags on that baggage claim line.  I wanted ours to be easy to spot and less likely to get taken by mistake by someone else.  These babies will surely stand out in a crowd.
It was really pretty easy and I just used acrylic craft paint and lots of masking tape to make the plaid.  The plaid is on all the sides and the front plain pocket.

A word of advice:  Don't attempt this right before a trip, when you are tired and already stressed.  Give it some thought because once you commit to a pattern/design, there is no going back.  Be sure to give it plenty of time to dry.  Consider who else might be using the set of luggage.  I had in mind a lovely damask pattern but thought my husband might not be comfortable with it. 

Well, if you see this out and about, say hi...I am nearby!


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