Monday, April 30, 2012

The Moss Patch

Some exciting mom and I have opened a booth at our favorite antique mall!

Goodlettsville Antique Mall has gobs of fun things to look at and I have brought home treasures from there plenty of times.  We are constantly bringing a variety of crafted, repurposed, and antique home decor and furniture items.  Come visit often at The Moss Patch for an update on our finds.

That was my shameless far things are going really well.  It has been fun to have an outlet for larger items that just don't travel well to our craft shows.  And we definitely have different styles, so there will probably be something for everyone.  Mama, aka Trudy, is more refined and polished, while I am more on the shabby side.  Somehow, it all goes together. 

On this blog, I would like to share more "life" and less "stuff".  I haven't posted in quite a while because the blog's "identity" was so scattered.  We will see how this all goes.

I have also found Pinterest and gotten quite absorbed.  Do you have that problem? 


  1. I can't wait to see what you post on your blog with your mom... I JUST MADE 3 chair bench in recent months... a challenge for me; but it turned out nicely.
    I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your artistic creations... glad to see you posting again.
    YES! I have the same problem with Pinterest!

    many blessings- Pat

  2. Hey there Kelley-
    thanks for stopping by my blog, I popped back in over here and the Moss Patch to catch up anything I've missed, I wanted to ask you, what is that flower in your header? My daughter and son in law just moved and this is growing and blooming in the established gardens already, I'm trying to help her name the visible plants...this is one, I'm thinking Lantana? ... could you please let me know?

    thanks a ton, Pat