Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quickie Bathroom Update

I have been quite remiss in posting my projects the last couple of months- I have been SO busy DOING them!  I always overload my to-do list around the holidays and it takes me awhile to recover.  For example, ten days before Christmas, when college students come home for the holidays, I decided to paint their bathroom and give it a fresh face.  It cost less than $150, mostly paint.  It was a deep satin red...
 I primed and painted two coats of color plus the ceiling.  I am loving the "robin's egg" blue and white decor with a running bird theme.  The picture is a paper collage with a sparrow in a snow storm..."His Hand is on the Sparrow."  We also got one of those nifty curved shower rods and a snap over the rod curtain.
I finally downloaded my camera and have lots more photos of projects to share.  Hope you all are safe and warm in this cold, snowy winter. 


  1. Pretty!

    That's a nice surprise to come home to a newly painted bathroom.


  2. LOVE the new bird picture!! Girl, you continue to inspire me. The new bathroom looks great!