Friday, May 14, 2010


Finally, the last of the Fruits of the Spirit, is Self-Control. How many times have I started a diet, doing all the things I am supposed to, including exercise, only to be de-railed by an argument? How many times have I prayed that I would guard my tongue, only to cut someone off at the knees without meaning to? Oh, my, self-control is a desirable fruit.

Thankfully, self-control is about more than my own will-power. Each person has, relationship, influence, emotions. By defining and protecting these boundaries, you are exercising self-control. When there is a hole in this wall, we react. A healthy person will monitor these walls and evaluate those reactions. This is healthy thinking. First, patch one hole at a time. Second, cultivate relationships with those who have the discipline you want. "It's hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys." Finally, reward yourself with good things. My husband says I need to pay attention to what is really good for maybe the pound size bag of M&Ms would not be really good for me.

Again, we have to remember and believe, that these fruits are grown in us by God. An apple doesn't choose to be red or sweet. It is by being connected to the tree that nutrients reach the apple to make it the fruit we all love. It is by being in relationship with our Creator that He can grow these fruits in us.


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