Saturday, February 20, 2010

Handy tips that really work!

I am always looking for nifty tips that REALLY work. I had seen on TV that these depressions in the carpet could be lifted with an ice cube. Well, lo and behold, it really works.

Another great idea, I saw mentioned on Rachel Ray was to store your plastic wrap in the freezer. This cuts down on the static cling and makes it easier to pull out and position. It reverts back to its tedious self when it warms to room temp. Yeah, I know, seems weird to put it in the wrong place, and my husband is much less entertaining to watch using the plastic wrap. But it is a tip that really works.

Last fall, I mentioned a dirty little secret. I really do love this tip. I thoroughly cleaned my fiberglass shower and gave it a coat of car wax. I should stress that the FIBERGLASS shower WALLS were coated. This really repelled the water and soap scum buildup. I did not put it on the floor...wouldn't want to slip. I think this delayed cleaning the walls for several MONTHS.

So, maybe these ideas will make your day a little easier.



  1. I've heard that ice cube trick before and I need to give it a try. Great tips.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I had the same problem with my painted front door. The problem is that wood expands and contracts, so the paint can pull away where the wood is joined. I think I'm going to distress my cabinets once they are painted to hide any of that.

  2. Good tips! I've used the ice cube one but I've never heard about the plastic wrap in the freezer one.


  3. I've NEVER heard the ice tip before - how cool!!

    Sorry about your chaise - my girl has a cat - I hate that animal - sorry! She is black - my furniture is not - constant battle! Meghan loves her though - 'nuff said!! ;-)

    Thanks for always stopping by and having such nice things to say -

    Happy Monday!